The Anime Festival 2013 recently been happening in Penang organised by the University Science Malaysia students for their passion for the ACG Culture. The event is a very enjoyable one which brings back the memories where the first anime convention in Penang.

The Anime Festival 2013 has a style in the event which feature a list of programmes dedicated to everyone who is attending the event. The event kicks off with an opening act of a singing performance by Irina Valentine a cosplayer based in Penang.

In the event itself, it has many interesting games for everyone to join in, the most fun part of the event that it makes it significant is the traditional japanese games. Other than that, there is a specially made Meido Kissa by Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan in support of the event for Japanese Sub-Cultural experience along with the garage sales of wigs.

In continuation to the break of the games session, there is a 2-piece band playing japanese rock songs mainly Gazette, One Ok Rock and many more. After the band performance, move on to the cosplayers performances. It is interesting as ever. The character from Assasins Creed, Altair played to the guitar and as well as many various skits.

Then the event followed on by the demonstration of Akido by Frankie and his dojo.

The last act of the Anime Festival would be the Akido skit and encore performances.

The event is enjoyable as ever, looking forward to the next event from time to time.