This will be the first issue of The C Feature: featuring Yuki Christy. Yuki Christy or mainly known as Yuki from Malaysia. She has been cosplaying for about 5 years now, and who she is today due to her passion and patience to learn and acquire new skills progressively. Yuki not only likes cosplay, she also has particularly interests in games and comics.

Asuna from Sword Art Online

Asuna from Sword Art Online

A couple of questions were asked with utmost curiosity and anticipation of her thoughts regarding cosplay were.

The first question was, “What kind of cosplayer do you consider yourself to be?”
Yuki replied that she believes that she works towards more of a casual cosplayer; making costumes when she has the time and all. She confessed that when she started cosplaying as a hobby, she bought many of her costumes because she did know how to make them. However, slowly she began to learn on her own. She also recalled to be very fond of making things using her own hands when she was younger so cosplay was a really enjoyable hobby for her.

Yuki Christy as Sakura Kinomoto

Yuki Christy as Sakura Kinomoto

Then the next question was,”What do you think about cosplay and crossplay?”
“Well, cosplay stands for Costume and Role Playing. And to my understanding, it is to dress and act like the character. For me, there is no difference between cosplay and crossplay seeing that it is a trend within the cosplay community these days. It is practically the same thing, just that we normally refer the term “crossplay” to guys who dress up as girl characters. That also meant the same term as ‘TRAP’. However, I am also just as curious to why people are less inquisitive of addressing females who cosplay as male characters as crossplayers.”


Subsequently, we became more curious and we threw out the golden question, “Why did you start cosplaying?
“To me cosplay is for enjoyment. Sometimes, you can’t tell for sure. It really depends. Like at times I like the character, sometimes it is a challenge to myself to improve by making difficult costumes, or sometimes its the appreciation given by people about the character. Each cosplayer cosplays for very different reasons. For myself, I really enjoy making costumes.”

Following, another question was asked and it is targeted towards the photographer of the cosplayer, we asked, “Do you attend to photoshoots? If, yes would you like to credit the photographer for his work?”
“Yes, I really like to attend photoshoots and it is always my courtesy to credit the photographer who has had done the respective photoshoots for me. For myself, I have had multiple photographers before, but all of them are great and I always credits them.”

“Last but not least, what got you into cosplaying?”
“Before I started cosplaying, I actually like gaming a lot, and I really like the Final Fantasy X series especially Yuna. That was where I got my inspiration, I start Googling for Yuna’s pictures and there came out photos of girls dressing up as Yuna. Then, I came across websites like and start learning about cosplay from there. I also did research about conventions goers and cosplayers.”


Before we actually ended the interview session, MCT had a final inquiry, “Any messages that you would like to deliver to everyone?”
“When you are cosplaying, be sincere and put effort into costumes and understanding the character. Most importantly, do not forget who you are and have fun. cosplay life is very enjoyable and definitely enjoy while you can before you get married and have kids. *laughs* Be polite and follow the convention rules by keeping the positive image of cosplay.”