On the 1st of September 2012, the team has paid a visit to Taylor University Lakeside Campus ACG Event which is the Asaban Festival 2012. This event is a cultural event comprises of both traditional and modern Japanese Culture. It is a very fun event and it made a blast with both mixture of cultures.

In this event it contains 2 signature sessions which is divided into Asa and Ban which literally mean as morning and evening. In the Asa session, it contains quality program schedule plan for cosplayers and also visitors. During the Ban session, this year itself has a very special programme which is the AsabanXRock no Tamashii 3 concert. The concert starts right after the packing of the Asa session.

The Jrock no Tamashii concert is a very special event which actually serves as a platform for local bands to get in contact with Japanese music and able to express Japanese in the form of performance. For this year’s Jrock no Tamashii 3, HakU a known band from Japan is performing and show their hands to Malaysian fans.