It is still not too late to plan a trip down to Singapore for CharaExpo 2015 happening 20th and 21st June 2015 at Singapore Expo Hall 7!!!!! We repeat, 20TH AND 21ST JUNE, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NEXT WEEKEND, SINGAPORE, EXPO, HALL 7!

It will be an experience of a lifetime brought to you from Japan to Singapore. All you got to do is cross that border at JB from Malaysia and you’d be on your way to a convention never seen before around the SEA region!

CharaExpo 2015 will feature a variety of activities ranging from cosplay, games, card tournaments, official merchandises from various top notch companies, guests appearance including voice actress and singers and also something no one could have thought, New Japan Pro-Wrestling!

Besides the exhibition booth and merchandise booth, CharaExpo will also be inviting Doujin circles, who rarely participate in overseas events, to participate in this event. CharaExpo will also have an “Entertainment Stage”, where fans will have opportunities to communicate with the guests.

CharaExpo looks forward to present animation/game character designers, directors, voice actors, cosplayers and manga artists as guests to share their thoughts and experiences.

Among many of their featured contents, we will share a few eye-catching ones!

CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆StageThis time around, Charaexpo2015 will be featuring some rather exciting contents! First up, we have their Cos☆Stage! Go in you best cosplay and stand a chance to win an invitation to Cosplay Collection Night at Tokyo Game Show 2015 with sponsored airfare and lodging and cash prize! (Full details on registration and rules here: CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆Stage).

However, registering for the contest is no longer possible. Their Finalists have been announced.




Next we have the Bushiroad Spring Fest featuring three exciting card tournaments all under one festival namely Future Card Buddyfight, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz! Registration is on a first come first serve basis and it’s free! (For more information: Bushiroad Spring Fest 2015)


Something more out of the ordinary brought to you by CharaExpo 2015 is the appearance of New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). Professional wrestlers from the New Japan Pro-Wrestling team have been invited for live matches exclusively at the event so make sure you don’t miss out this opportunity! They have a ring right at the center of the event hall!

Other featured contents would include:-charaexpocharaexpo1

1) Aniplex Exclusive Merchandising featuring items from Sword Art Online II, Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

2) Touken Ranbu featured at Nitroplus’s booth who will be bringing in official merchandise from the new famous sword training browser game, Touken Ranbu and, other featured contents would include Tokyo Necro and “School-Live!”.

3) Manga publisher Shogakukan will also be there presenting Future Card Buddyfight.

4) Advertisement Agency, ADK, will be  bringing Doraemon and Crayon Shinchan exhibitions, promotional videos as well as merchandise!

5) AKB48 Official Treasure Card series will also be available in CharaExpo where they will be exhibiting AKB48 TREASURE CARDS signed by 7 different members, and life-sized panels of 7 members too!

6) Regional TV broadcasting station in Japan, Tokyo MX will be selling merchandise from popular 2014 anime series Tokyo Ghoul and Akatsukino Yona, which include scrolls, banners, and notebooks!

7) Cu-poche under KOTOBUKIYA craftsmanship will be selling a series of Nendoroids of excellent quality and details. Some of these chibi figures to expect would include characters from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, Sword Art Online and many more.

8) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. presenting TV animation series, “THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS” will be having a selection of [email protected] merchandise including CINDERELLA GIRLS as well as CDs that are currently available only in Japan ready for purchase at the booth. [email protected] merchandise can also be found at Bushiroad and Cospa’s booths.

9) Love Live! School Idol Project will also be one of their featured content, merchandises available at Bushiroad and Xarts in collaboration with Kanda Matsuri. Merchandises will include rubber straps, key card holders, T-shirts and etc.

10) Love Live! School idol festival! merchandises will also be available at Bushiroad’s booth and at Bushimo, they will be featuring Love Live! School idol festival and Crayon Shin-chan smartphone games.

11) Rascal, Anne of Green Gables (World Masterpiece Theater) products will also be featured produced by Nippon Animation. Alongside products from Chibi Maruko Chan, and Penelope from Japan that would include plush, cups, school bags and etc.

12) Snow Miku 2015: Snow Bell Nendoroids and figmas will be available for sale alongside many other collectibles from different anime series. Good Smile Company is also proud to bring on the ‘Nendoroid Face Challenge’, a popular activity to CharaExpo 2015 where you can create your own Nendoroid face!


Aside from those featured contents, CharaExpo will also see the appearance of many guests. Ranging from famous illustrators (Yohei Sadoshima, Mel Kishida, Yoishi Takahashi artist of “Captain Tsubasa”, Fumio, Akira Itou, Daisuke Izuka, Kaoru Hagiya, Asuka Nishi, Nanakamai and Kuuchuu Yosai), to TV presenter: Hisanori Yoshida, Digitatou from Nitroplus’s company director, novel writer: Norimitsu Kaiho, graphic designer: Satoru Minamoto, animator: Masami Obari, character designer: Akio Watanab), music creator: Shinji Orito and Shinji Orito and manga author: Mitsuhisa Tamura.


CharaExpo will also bring to you singers from Japan namely BACK-ON (a hybrid ROCK BAND that blends many different genres of music.), Maon Kurosaki (singer for various theme songs in popular animations like Highschool of the Dead, A Certain Magical Index II. Hakuoki, Tokyo Ravens, Le Eden de la Grisaia and more, Ayaka Kitazawa, who sang “Kimi to no Nakushimono”, the ending theme song for TV Animation “Little Busters! ~Refrain~” and Mashiro Ayano, singer of ‘ideal white’ the opening theme for Fate/stay night and her second single ‘vanilla sky’ to be used as the opening theme song for ‘GUNSLINGER STRATOS’.


Famous voice actors have also been invited to make an appearance and they include the following voices. First up, Ryo Horikawa, most well-known for his role as Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series, Kou Uraki from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Andromeda Shun from the Saint Seiya series and more!
Then we have Tsubasa Yonaga who voiced Aichi Sendou, Nagisa Hazuki from FREE!! and Saphir from Sailor Moon Crystal.
Syuta Morishima will also be making an appearance. He has voice acting roles in Future Card Buddyfight (Baku Omori), Hitsugime no Chaika (Mattheus Callaway) and Cardfight!! Vanguard (Shin Nitta).
Next, we have Izumi Kitta who also have voice acting roles in Cardfight!! Vanguard as Misaki Tokutra), Watashi ga Motenai no wa Omaera ga Warui as Tomoko Kuroki, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes as Cordelia Glauca, and in Future Card Buddyfight as Noboru Kodo.
Following, Mikoi Sasaki who voiced Hercule Barton in Detective Opera, Piyo-tan in Elotama and Himeno Katsuragi in D.C.III~Da Capo III~.
And finally, we have Aimi who voiced Suiko in Cardfight!! Vanguard, Kazumi Tokiwa in Futari wa Milky Holmes and Kiri Hyoryu in Future Card Buddyfight. Aimi also sings, she had her songs used in various animes and they include “Unmei no Ori” (Danzai Bunri no Crimeedge), “We’re the stars” (FAIRY TAIL) and “Link” (Oda Nobuna no Yabou). Aimi will also have a live performance done at CharaExpo as Kasumi, a character in a new release, Bang_Dream! 

voice actors

Not to be missed in any ACG convention would be the special appearance of cosplay guests. CharaExpo 2015 will also take the opportunity by bringing in three well-known faces in the cosplay community and they include KANAME☆, Tatsumi Inui, and Sin Izumi, who will be appearing first time out of Japan.


Finally, never seen before in any normal mainstream conventions will be the appearance of Pro wrestlers from Japan. They are namely, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, Hirooki Goto, Jushin Thunder Liger, Captain New Japan, Toru Yano, Yoshi-Hashi, Gedo, Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu.


EXHIBITORS will include the below:



Creators’ corner will also feature an array of local and overseas creators who will be showcasing and selling a bunch of awesome creations! Popular groups such as Collateral Damage Studios, Daiyaku and Liongeeks will be there too!

creators corner

CharaExpo Map:


CharaExpo Event Schedule:

day 1

day 2

CharaExpo ticketing:ticketing

MCT actually attended CharaExpo’s second press conference a few weeks ago in Singapore where they had announced most of the information above. With CharaExpo just about a week away we hope everyone will be looking forward to the contents they have installed for all attendees!

Images below are courtesy of our good friend over in SheepyTrilogy, Singapore! Sending you love from Malaysiaaaaaa~ (ノ^_^)ノ ❤️️


CharaExpo 2015 second press conference held at Somerset 313, Sony Playstation Stage, Singapore.


Mr Kai Chee from Bushiroad as the host of this press conference


Takaaki Kidani, President of Bushiroad, beginning the press conference with a short speech


Goal keeper, Mr Kenjiro Ogino of Albirex Niigata Singapore FC, was invited to share his thoughts of Yoichi Takahashi (Japanese cartoonist and manga artist, best known for his work Captain Tsubasa) who will be attending as one of the many guest at CharaExpo.


Aimi, seiyuu of Cardfight!! Vanguard (Suiko) shared her experience of participation in overseas events as well as her involvement in a new anime project called Bang_Dream, a story of a band consisted of high school girls.


Aimi introducing Kasumi, a character in a new to-be-release anime, Bang_Dream!


Voice actor, Ryo Horikawa who will be present at CharaExpo as a special guest expressed his excitement to meet the fans and alike in Singapore’s ChareExpo next weekend. Be sure to catch him on stage, guys!


And finally, Mr. Tezuka Kaname, President of New Japan Pro Wrestling was present to introduce NJPW and it’s involvement at CharaExpo 2015. Be sure to catch them live at the Wrestling ring!

And that’s all from us! Please buy us gifts if you do drop by then, send it to us here in MCT’s base (just joking, not joking)! … ಠ~ಠ…