GamePlan #2015

Registration begins 28th September 2015 and ends at 11th October 2015, 12 midnight.

GamePlan 2015 would love to open up the opportunity for members of the press who are above 18 years old to join us into enjoying the event in a much more holistic perspective.

The eligibility for a Media Pass may fall under one of the following criterias:

A member of the media is anyone engaged in the acquisition of news with the intent of disseminating it through legitimate and recognized mediums. Recognized mediums used to disseminate news and information include TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, books, documentary film/video productions, the Internet and various wireless delivery formats. Individuals engaged in these activities will be recognized as “working journalists” and will be provided media privileges by Genysis and Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan (MCT) if granted a Media Pass.

Media passes will be issued only to personnel on assignment from recognized and accredited media outlets as determined by MCT at its sole discretion. Individuals representing multiple interests must be bound by all applicable media regulations. Genysis and MCT (GamePlan) retains exclusive media rights to all its events. The issued Media Passes provide access to all GamePlan event segment (EXCEPT STELLA-BEATS’ AND DJ KANA-CHAN’S MINI CONCERT ON DAY 1 AND MAIN CONCERT ON DAY 2 – more details regarding this will be disseminated to the media’s upon registration) during official event hours only. Genysis and MCT reserves the right to revoke Media Passes and its privileges from any parties if found to be violating any Genysis and MCT Media Rules and Regulations stated in the sign-up Google form:

MCT considers the following category as eligible applicants for Media Pass:
1) Printed Media or Newswire Reporters- Individuals employed under an official printed media.
2) Broadcast (TV & Radio) Journalist and Photographers- Individuals employed under an official broadcast media.
3) Freelance Journalists or Photographers – Individuals from societies, self-established firms or studios.
4) Online Reporters – Established websites that are updated regularly (at least fortnightly weekly) with original and current news, and have a minimum of 5000 unique hits per month via Google or Facebook Analytics. Websites such as blogs, new portals, or any site that provides coverage of Anime, Comics, and Games (ACG) that fall under this category.

To qualify for the above mentioned, kindly provide the below and email them to [email protected]:
– A copy of a government issued ID.
– A copy of a business card with name, editorial title and media outlet’s logo.
– A Letter/Email from your editor/director verifying your assignment to cover the event; all details are to be stated clearly, failure to comply may render application unsuccessful.
– A byline interactive entertainment industry-related article from a publication was written by you and published within the last two (2) months (the article must clearly indicate the name of the publication and your by-line).

GamePlan understands that there are times when a team comprising of more than one individual will be assigned to cover events. However, as space is limited, each Media body is limited to a maximum of three (3), total representatives. (All media are required to send in the list of names and their respective designation of the team members for this event). Please contact us for further information and consideration. If you have question regarding your team, please contact [email protected]

Before applying, please be sure that you have read our Definition of Media and are eligible for either one category. Media passes will only be dispensed to employed personnel from recognised media companies or credentialed individuals, contractors, or professionals. (Kindly note that media passes are not transferable).

Please select ONE (1) representative from your organisation as the Primary Representative contact for us. MCT will only contact this individual and other forms of communication with the company will NOT be considered valid.

Doujin and Merchandising booths, Artists’ Gallery, Cosplay Competition and Hall of Cosplayers are also up for registration from 24th September onwards.

Do check out the official website here:

And the Facebook event page here: (Don’t forget to RSVP and let us know you’re coming!)

Tickets are now selling out quick! Do purchase your Early Bird ticket at RM20. Please visit GamePlan’s official website for information and instructions on how to purchase them. Website URL: