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1. There will be two categories:
(A) Doujin Booths;
(B) Merchandise/Commercial Booths

2. Criteria:
(A) A doujin booth is considered as vendors who sell their self-published works which are in the form of self-drawn arts, illustration books, key chains, badges and many other merchandises that are handmade and originally produced by the sellers.
(B) A merchandise booth is considered as vendors who sell commercialized goods. The products sold are to be manufactured from other sources and resale and retailed to anyone and everyone by the vendor as the tertiary distributor.

3. Pricing:
(A) Doujin vendors: 1 table + 2 chairs + 2 free tags = RM150 (For 24th and 25th October)
(B) Merchandise/Commercial vendors: 1 table + 2 chairs + 2 free tags = RM250 (For 24th and 25th October)

4. The registration period will be opened from 24th September until all booths are fully rented out.

5. As space is limited, booths are allocated on as first come first serve basis. There are only 30 booths available.

6. Each registering group of sellers (applicable to both Doujin and Merchandise/commercial booth owners) are entitled to only two free tags accompanying any number of booths they purchase i.e. one group, two free tags. Additional tags are to be purchased with an additional charge of RM10 per tag.

For in detailed instructions, please refer to the google form for registration and all other terms and condition in the register link above. [Instructions are to be strictly followed.]

eSports! GamePlan is actually a proposed gaming event but after they have approached MCT for help in building up GamePlan to a full fledge ACG event, MCT took it upon ourselves that as a collaborator, GamePlan’s main highlights must also be given the much needed limelight!

esport arena

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